What are the benefits of office lenses?

Why do you need office lenses when working?

Occupational or office lenses also known as “computer progressive lenses” are type Progressive spectacle lenses designed for close to intermediate tasks such as reading, writing, and computer work.

Normally the accommodation is relaxed at a far distance. As the object comes closer the accommodative power of the eye is increased to bring the near object into focus. In persons 40 years old and above, the accommodative power of the eye decreases and makes it hard to see things up close. This affects the person’s near and intermediate vision. If you are over 40 years of age and have computer work for more than 4 hours per day, office lenses are the best choice for you. These lenses are best for other people too who need clear vision at intermediate and near distances simultaneously such as painters, artists, dentists, hairdressers, and editors.

Benefits of office lenses

  • Increase vision comfort: Office lenses increase visual comfort by maintaining your posture and allowing you to hold your head in a more natural position while you work.
  • Wider field of vision: In contrast to bifocal and progressive lenses, they provide a wider field of clear vision from near to intermediate distances.
  • Office lenses provide clear vision at near and intermediate distances so you don’t need to put them on and off as you do with reading glasses
  • Blue Ray Filter lenses: For persons who have long durations of screen work. Blue ray filter lenses absorb harmful blue rays and help to reduce eye strain caused by the emission of HEV (high energy visible) light from digital screens such as laptops, monitors, and mobile devices.

PRIVO Office Lenses

Privo office lenses provide a large field of vision for best results at near and intermediate distances. This help to maintain your posture and provide visual comfort all day long. In addition, if you want, we can add blue lens coating which protects your eyes from the harmful rays emitted from the computer screens.



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