Progressive Lenses

Superior image stability like never before

COMMON PROBLEMS WITH Regular Progressive lenses

All progressive lenses have two distorted lateral zones that are not visually effective and result in the unwanted “swim effect.” These lateral zones cause a peripheral power error from both cylindrical and spherical error components.


Developed with cutting-edge innovation in lens design methodology, EyoGraph utilizes strict control of spherical power. As a result, the spherical power errors at the periphery tend to be zero, significantly reducing lateral distortion and the “swim effect.”


Who is EyoGraph suitable for?

EyoGraph is ideal for all progressive lens wearers, experts, or novices, looking for a premium progressive lens that offers extended visual fields and minimal lateral distortion.


  • Offers superior image stability, making your glasses more effective
  • Get a fully personalized, balanced progressive design
  • Incorporates SteadFast Methodology to minimize astigmatism by 15% as compared to other individual progressive lenses
  • Enjoy a wider reading area, thanks to its variable base curve
  • Offers full personalization and inset optimization to fit each user’s needs.
  • Wider reading area thank to its variable base curve.
  • Inset optimization.
  • Available in variable MHs.

EyoGraph is available in variable MFHs.

Eyograph lenses

Enjoy optimized optics at all distances with unique Curvet technology and optimized back surface designs.

Achieve thinner lenses for better aesthetics

Curvet Technology enables flatter, better-looking plus progressive lenses with increased visual acuity at all distances. The diagram below shows the thickness profiles of two lenses with the same prescription.

The left shows a regular progressive lens, while the right shows EyoGraph progressive lens.

Users Feedback

About Eyograph performance

About Eyograph thickness look


Curvet CX Technology

Curvet Technology possesses a unique front surface while retaining a variable geometric design. This means that the front surface’s power increases continuously from top to bottom, reducing oblique aberrations in the lens.


Users will also notice expanded reading zones with improved peripheral vision. What’s more, Curvet is associated with a sophisticated and optimized digital design on the back surface.

SteadFast Technology

SteadFast Technology strictly controls the mean power that eliminates spherical error in the lens’s lateral areas. Thanks to this, maximum astigmatism lobes are significantly reduced, offering users improved lateral vision with superior image stability.

Eyograph design technologies

Maximizing lens performance by using individual parameters

Eyograph lens
Eyograph lens
Eyograph lenses
Eyograph lens
Eyograph lens


  • Each user receives a unique lens based on their individual parameters
  • Swim effect minimization
  • Better lateral vision
  • Quick adaptation and optimized comfort
  • Wider fields of vision at all distances, especially for close vision
  • Flatter lenses result in better aesthetics

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