What are the Risk Factors for not treating Myopia?

The benefits of office lenses when working

What are the Risk Factors for not treating Myopia?

What is Myopia?

“Myopia” is a refractive error in which a person is unable to see far objects clearly beyond a particular point. It is the most common ocular defect present all over the world. According to research, in 2010, an estimated 1.9 billion (27% of the total world population) were myopic. 

The number of people affected by myopia is now increasing around the world and is projected to affect fifty percent of the world population by 2050, due mainly to lifestyle factors.

Modern Age, Modern Challenges

Our modern lifestyle has introduced new issues that came with the advancement of technology. Our day-to-day activities, from school to our work life, have now become dependent on the use of our phones, computers, and tablets, which naturally led to very heavy dependence on our eyes.

According to some studies, prolonged exposure to digital devices in our modern life might be associated with an increased risk of myopia. The increased digitization of our life has come to represent an emergent risk for myopia that needs to be mitigated.

What can we do?

Untreated myopia is the leading cause of blindness in the world as well as other myopic-related vision complications. That is why early intervention and detection are the keys to reducing the impact of myopia, especially in children, by addressing the risk we can positively impact their ability to learn and be more productive.

The best you can do is ensure to have regular eye exams for you and your child to manage the onset and progression of myopia.

Second, finding the right optical lens for a clearer and more comfortable vision at all distances. You can customize your lenses by adding a blue ray filter to eliminate the harmful blue light emitted by our digital devices.

Adjust your posture and the lighting in your environment while reading or working. Dim light makes myopia worse, so work in a well-illuminated space and maintain a good posture.

Spend some time outdoors with your children to help, rest your eye muscles for constant use and focus.

Start your journey to a better vision today

Contact your doctor if you have any problems with the most suitable treatment plan for you.

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