Block all harmful UV and protect your eyes with PRIVO VISION

Fast adaptation fast to changing light –your eyes will feel more comfortable.

Dark and darker they become with more UV sunlight – for optimum vision all the time.

Color is consistently distributed over the whole lens-for natural vision. Read more

BRF material

(BRF) Blue ray filter together with ARmor bluecut coating, have a blue-violet filter that blocks these harmful rays. It will help your eyes to stay relaxed when using computers, reading or watching on digital displays.

PRIVO materials have Blue Rays protecting Filter: Clear BRF materials: All TRANSMATIC BRF: All Note: BRF filter is also augmented with ARmor bluecut to boost its performance.


TRANSMATIC BRF is a material that protects your eyes from both the harmful UV & Blue digital rays.

New opportunities

Full UV protection, glare reduction, and clear and comfortable vision are some of the most important benefits people look for in their glasses, they are all in TRANSMATIC lenses.

Most sunglass wearers struggle with clear vision whenever light conditions change. Their sunglass lenses either too dark in the shade so, they take them off or too light and therefore uncomfortable in the heavy sunny days Read more

Sun Protection

Protect your eyes from Harmful UV

PRIVO Polarized lenses are even more convenient and, performing better in challenging light conditions for optimum vision all the times.

Benefits of polarised sunglasses • Eye strain due to glare is much lesser • Greater visibility into the water (sports…) • Clear images and colors without distortion • You will completely get rid of light Reflections (such as off water or glass) • You can see clearly the objects even when they are in very bright Read more